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  PDF PPT     PDF Ready Ready to suffer grief or pain... S. E. L. Charlie D. Tillman
PPT PDF PPT MID MUS PDF Redeemed (Arr. 1) Redeemed how I love to proclaim it… Fanny J. Crosby William J. Kirkpatrick
PPT PDF PPT MID MUS PDF Redeemed (Arr. 2) Sweet is the song I am singing today… James Rowe S. A. Ganus
  PDF         Redeeming Grace Wake thou, my harp, O Mighty Love, That fills the boundless realm above… Fanny J. Crosby Victor H. Benke
  PDF       PDF Rejoice, And Hail The King Rejoice, and hail the King, Your sovereign Lord adore… Robert Lowry Robert Lowry
  PDF PPT       Rejoice In His Great Name Rejoice in Him who rules today Upon the heav'nly throne… Samuel W. Beazley Samuel W. Beazley
  PDF PPT       Rejoice In The Lord Always Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, rejoice… Philippians 4:4 American Folk Melody
  PDF       PDF Rejoice, O Earth! The Lord Is King! Rejoice, O earth! the Lord is King! To Him your humble tribute bring… Unknown C. E. Kettle
  PDF PPT       Rejoice, The Lord Is King (Arr. 1) Rejoice, the Lord is King; Your Lord and King adore… Charles Wesley John Darwall
  PDF PPT       Rejoice The Lord Is King (Arr. 2) Rejoice, the Lord is King: Your Lord and King adore… Charles Wesley Friedrich Schneider, Arr. by Lowell Mason
  PDF         Rejoice! The Lord Is King (Arr. 3) Rejoice! the Lord is King; Your Lord and King adore… Charles Wesley H. Russell
  PDF PPT       Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart Rejoice, ye pure in heart, Rejoice, give thanks and sing… Edward H. Plumptre Arthur H. Messiter
  PDF PPT       Remember Me, O Mighty One When storms around are sweeping, When lone my watch I'm keeping… Joanna Kinkel, Arranged Joanna Kinkel, Arranged
PPT PDF PPT MID MUS PDF Rescue The Perishing Rescue the perishing, Care for the dying… Fanny J. Crosby William H. Doane
  PDF       PDF Rest For The Toiling Hand Rest for the toiling hand, Rest for the anxious brow… Horatius Bonar Beethoven
  PDF PPT       Rest For The Weary In the Christian's home in glory, There remains a land of rest… Samuel Y. Harmer Arranged by R. M. McIntosh
  PDF PPT     PDF Resurrection They crucified my Lord, Laid Him in the tomb… H. F. Morris T. B. Mosley
  PDF         Return To Thy Home Return, O wand’rer, to thy home, Thy Father calls for thee… Thomas Hastings Fredrick A. Fillmore

Revive Thy Work

Revive Thy work, O Lord, Thy mighty arm make bare... Albert Midlane H. G. Nägell
PPT PDF PPT MID MUS PDF Revive Us Again We praise Thee, O God... William P. MacKay J. J. Husband
  PDF PPT       Ride On, Ride On Majesty Ride on, ride on in majesty! Hark! all the tribes hosanna cry… Henry Hart Milman John B. Dykes
  PDF         Ride On, Ride On In Majesty! Ride on, ride on in majesty! In lowly pomp, ride on to die… Henry Hart Milman J. Farmer
PPT PDF PPT MID MUS PDF Ring Out The Message There's a message true and glad For the sinful and the sad… James Rowe Samuel W. Beazley
  PDF PPT       Ring Out, Wild Bells Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky… Alfred, Lord Tennyson Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  PDF PPT       Ring The Bells Of Heaven Ring the bells of heaven! there is joy today… William O. Cushing George F. Root
  PDF         Rise, Glorious Leader, Rise Rise, glorious Leader, rise, Into Thy native skies… M. Bridges F. Giardini
  PDF PPT       Rise, My Soul, And Stretch Thy Wings Rise my soul, and stretch thy wings, Thy better portion trace… Robert Seagrave James Nares
  PDF PPT     PDF Rise Up, O Child Of God! (Arr. 1) Rise up, O child of God! Have done with lesser things… William P. Merrill William H. Walter
  PDF PPT     PDF Rise Up O Men Of God (Arr. 2) Rise up, O men of God! Have done with lesser things… William P. Merrill Aaron Williams
  PDF PPT       Rock In The Desert O Rock in the desert, I fly unto Thee… Frank M. Davis Frank M. Davis
PPT PDF PPT MID MUS PDF Rock Of Ages Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee… Augustus M. Toplady Thomas Hastings
  PDF       PDF Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep Rocked in the cradle of the deep, I lay me down in peace to sleep… Emma Willard J. P. Knight
  PDF PPT       Room At The Cross Room at the Cross for a trembling soul, Room at the Cross for you… William B. Blake William B. Blake
  PDF PPT       Round The Lord In Glory Seated Round the Lord in glory seated, Cherubim and seraphim… Richard Mant John Richards
  PDF       PDF Rouse, Ye Saints, The World Is Dying Rouse, ye saints, the world is dying, We must work while it is day… C. H. Yatman P. Bilhorn